Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side Of Heaven and The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1

Released: 30th July 2013
Genre: Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
Label: Prospect Park
Number of Tracks: 14
Sounds Like: Disturbed, Stone Sour, Hellyeah

Overall Rating: 7/10

Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) are undoubtedly one of the most commercially successful metal bands out there. Just look at sales of all their previous albums which have gone gold, more than half a million sales each. They also boast top 10 US Active rock songs for releases such as 'Hard to See', 'Walk away', 'Far From Home', ' Under and Over it' and others. The first single from their new album went to number 1 in the US Active Rock Chart, and number 3 in the Billboard chart within a month of its release.

All other 5FDP albums have crunchy headbanging riffs, a lot of melodies and the trade mark Ivan Moody's angry vocals. This formula has clearly worked very well for them in the past, and is very apparent in this new album, even more so than in previous albums. There is something almost mature about the record, and the catchy riffs, sing along vocals and leads are in abundance all through this album.

The album is packed with guest appearances, included Rob Halford of Judas Priest who helps out with the vocals on the first track 'Lift Me Up'. Other guests include Maria Brink of 'In this Moment', 'Tech N9ne', and Jamey Jesta from 'Hatebreed'. All adding something to this very diverse album.

Vocalist Ivan Moody, definitely has anger issues, but i sure hope he doesn't get help. Typically aggressive vocals throughout the entire album, and simplistic lyrical content like in track 5 'Burn MF' really get you singing along easily. 5FDP have done covers before, but Ivan Moody's attempt at rapping the cover of L.L Cool J's 'Mama Said Knock You Out' which features Tech N9ne, is laughable, and that song is the only flaw in the album, however Tech N9ne shows how skilled he is at his genre, it is just Moody's rapping that needs a bit of work.

What i really like about the album is how diverse it is. There are tracks that are radio-friendly, such the melodic song 'Wrong Side of Heaven' which sit along side intense metal tracks like 'You' and 'I.M. Sin'. Theres some softer tracks with the word spoken track 'Diary of a Deadman', and some acoustic guitar on the second track 'Watch you Bleed'. Theres rapping, and even a duet on track 13 with Maria Brink. You'll find yourself singing/chanting along to most songs for sure, and you will want to listen to it over and over again.

Most of all, The Wrong Side of Hell and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1 is a typically aggressive, unapologetic, blood pumping 5FDP album, with plenty of other things to keep you interested. If you don't like it, i am fairly confident 5FDP do not care, as they say in the final track 'Dot your eyes', 'Could give a rat's ass what you think of me'

Volume 2 comes on the deluxe edition which came out on the 30th July. Currently headlining Rockstar Mayhem Festival in the USA, before heading out on their own tour. They tour Europe in November, hitting the UK on 30th November.

Monday, 29 July 2013

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Top 10 Underrated Metal Bands. The list will include bands which are very talented but are hardly known by metal fans. Your vote/suggestions in the comments below please, then watch this space for the revelation!

Listen For The Light - Common Ground EP

Released: 8th July 2013
Genre: Melodic Metalcore, Screamo
Label: Unsigned
Number of tracks: 6
Sounds like: Miss May I, Asking Alexandria

Overall Rating: 7/10

There's something deeply satisfying about stumbling upon a killer new band that you just know are only just getting started. Listen for the Light's mind bending first record is an amalgamation of influences and styles. They have smashed walls that exist between a truly brutal sound and a softer, emotional sound and have dug away at the bands individual music perspective, producing an explosive and promising first melodic metalcore record. 

It is clear throughout the record that the 6 piece metallers have worked had to compile a record with sheer grit and determination, especially because of the individual craft each member brings to the table. The first song, titled Eyes Like Mirrors starts us off with a clean vocal warm up, but sharply increases tempo and powerful vocals introducing us to the rest of the record. Put your media player on repeat for the second track, you will want to listen to the riffs, breakdowns and the passionate vocal melodies over and over again. 4th track Perspective is aggressive, but has a calming beat down/bridge before a fast tempoed outro. The Lucifer Effect is track 5 and features the stand out vocals of Spencer and JD of Boston metallers Ice Nine Kills. It is not often that you hear a melodic metalcore band with such varied vocals, that actually mix it well and have an appealing sound. These guys have found the formula on their first album and I really hope they can utilise clean vocalist Justin Hyde on future records.

Overall, Listen for the Light's first effort contains all the fast tempoed melodic riffs, aggressive beat downs and seriously passionate vocals needed to succeed in this genre. Listen for the Light seem to have all the elements for a top metalcore band, and this mouth watering EP is only a sample of things to come. Keep an eye on these guys, they will get bigger and better!

They head back into the studio on August 19th to record their next single, which will feature a special guest, keep an eye out on Facebook or Twitter for whom it might be. In the meantime,  you should check these out. You will not regret it.


Twitter: @ListenFoDaLight 



Friday, 12 July 2013

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Stone Kings - Reset

Released: Mid July
Genre: Hard Rock, Thrash Rock, Grunge Rock, Blues Rock
Label: Reblessed Records
Number of Tracks: 6

Overall Rating: 7/10


Hard working Kent rockers Stone Kings begin work on following up their self titled album with their latest EP, Reset. Described by Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron Thal as 'Gritty, ballsy, Rock n' Roll' it is easy to see why they have had a boom in stature since 2011 nearing 2 million plays on MySpace. 

Their first album Stone Kings was met with appraisal from some big names in rock, from Ron Thal to Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson and several other big magazines highly recommending the album. It is heavily influenced by Alice in Chains, SoundGarden and even Hellyeah as is their new EP.  Described as the saviors of rock music,  this band are definitely worth checking out if you like any form of rock.

Reset is the first track on this new EP and is a ballsy onslaught of heavy headbanging riffs with a kickass bluesy solo which really fits the song. My favorite song is the second track 'The Truth Inside', and has all the key elements of a grunge rock song. A spine tingling riff certainly gets you off your feet, wanting it to continue. Grunge is definitely a theme throughout and the heavy riffs and great solos continue, especially on the track 'Beneath my Skin'. I particularly like the memorable chorus to this song, which i can imagine singing along to at a live gig. The slower 5th track 'Heir of the Dog' offers a brief break from the heavy grunge but is still welcome on this album. I would like to hear faster heavier stuff from these guys as i think that would really get more of a fuck yeah headbang put it on repeat feeling.

Overall, it is quite clear why this band have been so highly recommended, and is evidently 'gritty and ballsy'. They really love their music and write some really great songs which you should check out. Go do it, go buy their EP now! The full album will be out September 10th 2013 via their website


Currently touring the UK, hitting some festivals and even some free gigs along the way, check out their impressive website for more information.


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